Wednesday, 27 July 2005

Defiant school still offering Mallard two fingers

The brave trustees of Orauta School were smacked around the head yesterday by the courts and the Ministry of Education who, acting under instruction by Minister Trevor Mallard, had taken them there in a further attempt to close them down. Background here; two of my earlier comments on the case here and here.

Julian Pistorius has the full story of yesterday's action, a few reflections on whom to blame for the trustees' plight, and the defiant assertion "that parents should have the right to choose and take responsibility for the education of their children."
The parents and teachers from Orauta School have done nothing wrong. They have entered into a mutual, voluntary agreement and are educating their own children. There are no victims here. Why is the State persecuting them and treating them like criminals?
Ask your own MPs when he knocks on your door why such parents are being persecuted.

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