Wednesday, 27 July 2005

Plunge in Not PC's Blogshare price!

I've just found out that my Blogshare price took a savage drop at the start of July from a high of B$804.70 to its present price of B$354.91, which surprised me, particularly as I wasn't even aware my blog had a share price. How 'bout that!

You've probably got one too. Check it out.

I see the big drop was from a major sell-off by Idiot Savant, but it hasn't yet recorded any drop in share price from the recent sell-off by one previously large holder of Not PC paper who failed to accurately read the various company reports sent to her. You do get that on the big jobs.


  1. The shareholders can be assured there will not be a hostile takeover bid on this stock.

  2. Now my readership is far more mainstream than yours Peter. If anyone can convince ppl it is me - not you. You have a valid point to make but you miss the opportunity of convincing people because you are so consistently extreme. You miss the fact that the reality is in the practical nuance, not the ideological theory. Your point of view isn't wrong, but you make it easier for people to think it is. Regards and go in peace.


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