Friday, 8 July 2005

Brains beats barbarity

'Theseus slays the Minotaur' --sculpture by Antoine-Louis Bayre.


  1. feels good just looking at a picture of that sculpture. It personifies a lot of feelings I have right now and the foundation of what will happen in the future.


  2. Nice sculpture :)
    then again, notice that brains *with a knife* has beat an unarmed Minotaur. There's a lesson in that, too.

  3. Surprise, surprise. Just visited Dallas Museum of Art and saw this piece in person. Indeed it was even more beautiful. The piece is small, about 18". There wasn't so much light reflected off it at different spots like in the picture. And you can see the face -focused, tense, but calm; as well as the powerful back of Theseus. Have always liked back and side views of many sculptures. ;-) Loved it.

    btw, here the name is spelled Barye. Tricky French I guess.

  4. yaniverse - I think it looks a little like a short sword. Kinda hard to tell though.

    Either way, it's an absolutely beautiful, inspiring piece of art.


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