Thursday, 2 June 2005

Top ten hits this week

Some interesting, not to say odd, hits here this week. I'm quickly coming to think that when it comes to Googling, 'odd' is normal.

1. rob moodie contempt (5th)
2. midgets fighting lion/midgets and lion
3. kyoto sceptic” (1st on Google)
4. live aid geldof war ethiopia “wheat militias” (1st, Yahoo)
5. vietnam tax department (3rd)
6. classic sex/classical sex (8th)
7. sex pc (4th)
8. what happened to the fucking money” geldof (3rd & 4th, Yahoo)
9. lion midgets (2nd)
10. geldof wolf wheat militias (1st, Yahoo)
11. schapelle corby sentence compared to other sentences (1st, Yahoo)

For all but one, I've helpfully added links to where I think the searcher intends to go. Except for one -- for 'sex pc' I've added my phone number. ;^)

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