Tuesday, 26 April 2005

Contempt hearing this morning for Rob Moodie

As the Berrymans' lawyer Rob Moodie heads to a contempt of court hearing this morning for releasing the Butcher Report, and the Manawatu Law Society meets Thursday to discuss their complaint against Dr Moodie, David McLoughlin has a good summary in the Dominion summarising the history behind the collapse of the Berryman's bridge, and their subsequent legal and financial battles. Both Jenny Shipley and Helen Clark are fingered.

Meanwhile, Michael Cullen's offer to have the Solicitor-General consider grounds for a new inquest has been dismissed by both Rob Moodie and Winston Peters.

Dr Moodie's hearing this morning in Wellington's High COurt is to be held in closed session, but supporters of the heroic Dr Moodie may still be able to offer their support outside the court. I feel sure the media will take note of their presence, and their comments.
[UPDATE, 4:10pm, Tuesday April 26: Newstalk ZB reports that Justice Wild has adjourned the contempt hearing indefinitely, but allowed the continued suppression of the Butcher Report. Is there anyone yet who hasn't seen the Butcher Report? If so, check here.]
[[UPDATE, 4:20pm. Newstalk ZB report here.]

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