Tuesday, 21 June 2005

Cell-phone addiction - get over it

'People are addicted to mobile phones,' carp people addicted to decrying what other people like to do.

Jeffery Tucker at the Mises Institute has a go at those who decry what others like to do:
The pundit class has a penchant for judging the culture of freedom harshly. If ten years ago, these same critics had walked up and down the block peering into people’s windows, they might have spied people on the phone in every home. They might have decried this as a phone addiction but nobody would have taken them seriously. In fact, the response would have been readily at hand: mind your own business, bud, and get a life.
'Addiction,' says Tucker, is just a word attached to any habitual behaviors of others that the 'pundit class' do not like.

1 comment:

  1. People who are hammers treat every problem as if it were a nail. Tucker, as a libertarian, treats every problem as if it were a matter of freedom.

    If we are allowing mobiles to be a tool for folding ourselves into unhealthy predilection we're never going to be any the wiser about it so long as we endorse such things as the above. Bad PC.


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