Friday, 10 June 2005

Beethoven on the cheap

If you're cheap, and you've got musical taste (unlike some I could name) then here's an opportunity to download all Beethoven's nine marvelous symphonies in MP3, courtesy of the British taxpayer. [Hat tip, Patrix.]


  1. Download Simple Plan's "Shut up" - that's good too...

    The Romantic composers are my favourite, although I have never been a huge fan of Beethoven. I prefer Chopin, Brahms,Liszt, and Mendelssohn - and I can play them too - one of my many talents.

  2. And bandwdith to spare they have. It's streaming in at 190kb/s and I suppose the other bandwidth I have is taken up by my Dutch Classical Radio stream.

    Don't we love it when we get free stuff from other tax payers.

  3. Hmm, after downloading I must say government money doesn't buy a lot of quality. It's just 128kbps, so entire frequency bands are missing. It can be used quite well to stimulate your memory of what the music sounds like, but otherwise...

  4. I did warn you it was 'cheap.' :-)

    Still, even at 128kbps Beethoven's nine symphonies are a better download than anything else most people are going to find. ;^)


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