Friday, 10 June 2005

Coldplay, White Stripes - relieve the hype

Lots of hype recently over new albums by the White Stripes and by Coldplay (hell, they announce this stuff on the news these days, and EMI's share price apparently stands or falls on a Coldplay sales success) so if you want to listen before you buy -- or just to listen to whether the hype is justified -- by downloading Winamp you'll get both albums on your player in streaming form, along with a bunch of other stuff including Wynton Marsalis's new soundtrack album 'Unforgiveable Blackness,' Deborah Voigt's 'Dich, teure halle' from Tannhauser, a fine 'Celeste Aida' from Jose Carreras and lots more . And with it you get a mighty fine music player for your computer. I've been very impressed since a friend recommended Winamp for playing my CDs; give it a crack -- it's a free download.

And the hype? Coldplay is dull as cold porridge; the Stripes sparky and inventive. But check them out for yourself.

[UPDATE: Crikey, the more I look the more I find; the selection is enormous. I'm just playing Gang of Four's 'Entertainment' album, streaming over Winamp. Not for everyone of course, but I haven't heard this since the copy I won from Barry Jenkin went missing years ago. Although the 'bonus' material includes what must be the worst version of 'Sweet Jane' ever put on record, the rest of the album still shits all over Coldplay]


  1. Thanks 4 that - I've just downloaded're a cheap bastard aren't you?- just joking :-)
    Linkin Park are good. Breaking the habit, and Numb. It's alternative metal though, so I daresay you would hate it.

  2. "It's alternative metal though, so I daresay you would hate it."

    I daresay. :-P


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