Tuesday, 17 May 2005

Mark Blumsky has a problem

In an example of how a politician should run a campaign, I've just heard National's Welington Central candidate Mark Blumsky saying on ZB that the dumping of the Street Race has ensured that the RMA is now in his campaign sights -- and so it should be! Great! Should be a good campaign seeing that sitting MP, Boo Boo, is the Minister for the RMA and she's generally happy that it's effectively nationalised New Zealanders' land and made us the 'can't do' country Kerry Prendergast talked about last week.

As I've said before, the Wellington Central fight should become a battle over the RMA; it's just a pity that National themselves have nothing to offer on the issue. The 'substantial changes' promised by Nick Smith are neither substantial, nor a real change, and will in no way fix the problem that property rights are not even mentioned in the RMA.

"The Resource Management Act is undoubtedly a far-sighted piece of environmental legislation," gush National's Blue-Greens here. National's Blue-Greens are the people who will write National's 'substantial changes.' See the problem? Check out just how substantial these changes won't be here (they're no longer up on National's own site).

So Mark Blumsky has a problem.


  1. Hey, how come libertarianz's policy is not listed there? (in www.policy.net.nz). This isn't good.

  2. Hi Sid,

    Yup. I'd would be great. Unfortunately, due to not wanting to crowd his site, the owner of policy.net.nz has chosen to only list policies of parties currently in parliament. It is, of course, his prerogative. Please feel free to have a word with him if you think the appeal of his site might be increased by adding a section for other parties. :)

    I am starting to think that a clone of policy.net.nz, but with only the policies of parties -outside- of parliament, might be an interesting project for an enterprising web guru. Volunteers?

  3. keith robinson17 May 2005, 14:17:00


  4. Nah, that would be boring!

    Tell you Julian what would be more fun for us to make is a site to expose relevant individual views attributed to key polititians.

    It first came to me when I saw a picture of Margret Wilson as Labour President in an old Listener magazine. She had sholder pads 'til Tuesday! That's the picture to use for her bio. And Health Minister Helen Clark, plenty of dowdy pictures of her to acompany such assertions as "The State soverign".

    Or we could put up the most charatable portraits and let their own words do all the talking.

    Fun project? I'll do it some day.


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