Tuesday, May 17, 2005

RMA is "biggest challenge" for wind energy

Here's a question for those who praised the RMA because it allowed a minority of people to close down the Wellington Street Race. Will you be just as happy with the RMA when also closes down proposals for electricity generation by wind turbine, as this Herald story suggests is likely? Will the Greens' Frog?

"One of the biggest challenges facing wind power growth," says the Herald, is "community opposition under the Resource Management Act. "

If community opposition under the Resource Management Act is good when it shuts down a Street Race -- as many, including the Frog, have said it is -- is it just as good when it shuts down a wind farm project?

And if it is the case that even a wind farm project is difficult to build under the RMA, then what hope is there for any other infrastructure, or any other project?

I make some comments here indicating how common law might deal with such things in a more sensible manner.



Anonymous tincanman said...

My father was heavily involved in the windfarm down in the Manawatu. I'll see if he has any interesting stories regarding the RMA there, as most of his day is spent dodging it. Whilst its intentions are noble it has dissolved into nothing more than a paper shuffling exercise. From the tales I've heard it deserves to go.

5/18/2005 08:25:00 am  

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