Tuesday, 24 May 2005

Lions: no imagination, little urgency

Okay I confess, I watched the Lions play the Pumas this morning. Wonderful intensity from the Pumas, but nothing special from the Lions.

The understrength Pumas took an early lead and held it courageously for most of the game against a Lions teams showing poor continuity, even less imagination and apparently little motivation-- at least until the last ten minutes when the realisation they were losing took hold and some urgency took over.

Pumas played out of their skins, Lions played with one eye on the plane: Forwards looked tight and moderately disciplined -- when they eventually got there; backs did the basics well but no more, and will need to do more than mid-field crash ball to be a threat to the ABs. Expect there to be a few more moves than what they showed this morning though.

So not much to learn from the game then that will tell us much about the tour, except perhaps that the match seems to have helped Wilkinson back to match-fitness. Bugger.

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