Tuesday, 24 May 2005

Nausea alert

The still extant Fighting Talk are on some serious stuff today, reviewing a book of 'erotic fantasies' about Helen Clark, titled On the conditions and possibilities of Helen Clark taking me as her Young Lover.

My skin crawled as I read the outline: "First-time author Meros wrestles with desire, the difficulties of courting a major political figure, and 'physiological considerations for young lovers' in a book that will raise the pulse of any self-respecting Head of State."

Uugh. Read more here if you must.


  1. Euwwh!

    Just... euwwh!

    And wtf does "the erotic zen of Ken Shirley" mean?!!

  2. I can't bring myself to click on that link...

  3. I wish you would stop using pseudonyms when you write Peter.

  4. Don't do it, Berend, don't do it!! You'll only regret it in the morning. ;-/

    Ruth, you've got me. I confess.

  5. michael fasher24 May 2005, 21:29:00

    baaaaarrrrrf,i clicked the link

  6. Look Peter - you were supposed to be saving yourself for me. Anyhow you menz can't talk - I bet you all look like Marilyn Manson on a bad day (except for PC). So shut up about Clark. I get a little tired of this sort of thing.

  7. There is NO GOD..!!!!! Someone hold me...no not you Helen!

  8. OMFG - I just` googled Helen Clark and saw her picture. Projectile vomiting ensued.

  9. I bet you all look like Marilyn Manson on a bad day

    I'll take that sucker bet, Ruth. What's on the table? I'll e-mail you my photo, then fly to NZ to collect my winnings in person!


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