Monday, 23 May 2005


Lamp cluster, Unity Temple, Frank Lloyd Wright, 1906


  1. Tell us what you like about these images sometimes. Readers like that sort of personal detail. Just a suggestion ;-).

  2. A good suggestion.

    I love the 'playfulness' of these -- the wit and geometrical composition give delight and sparkle to the space. In the context of the space being lit, they light the faces of the occupants, and their size and shape emulate the faces of the occupants and give a real sunniness. And this is with 1906 lighting technology.

    Here's a virtual tour of the interior so you can see how they work as part of the interior.

  3. I like that they let you see in the dark so you don't stub yer fucking toe on the furniture.

  4. Look Mark - stop going around the internet and lowering the tone of people's blogs - that's MY job.


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