Tuesday, 19 April 2005

What's in the new 'Free Radical'?

"War is the real enemy," says PM here.

"Pacifism Kills," says PC here: in The Free Radical. Only from your newsagent, or subscribe online.

The latest Free Radical magazine includes PC's latest article on what Helen could learn from the Moriori, and a cover story exposing the NCEA fraud. George Cordero explains why appeasement isn't practical, Judith Collins MP explains why Hate Speech laws are immoral, and Bernard Darnton & Julian Pistorius explain why liberty is worth celebrating.

Why don't gun laws work? Gary Mauser will tell you. Why was communism no bogeyman? Tibor Machan explains. Does the tsunami sink God? Lindsay Perigo wonders if it does. Is contempt good? Jeff Perren thinks it might be.

Find out why Charlie Chaplin was hated, why Ayn Rand shouldn't be, and how Barbara Branden feels about the latest attacks on her.

It's all here, and only in your Free Radical.

You won't find any of this online, so subscribe now, or order it up at your local newsagent.

The Free Radical: Politics, Economics and Life as if Freedom Mattered!

[Hat-tip to Sir Humph for the quote and his comments on the PM's vacant mind.]

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  1. PC,

    Nice blog! First time I heard you had one. I'll check it out regularly.



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