Wednesday, 20 April 2005

Contaminated Blood - will Clark deliver this time?

Update from the Herald site:
Haemophiliacs who contracted hepatitis C during the bad-blood saga want compensation, better medical treatment, and an apology from the Government.

Their proposal was delivered to the Health Ministry yesterday by Mike Carnahan of the Haemophilia Foundation and accepted by the ministry's deputy director-general of clinical services, Colin Feek.
I wonder if their demands include unburying the relevant documents relating to the actions of then-Minister of Contaminated Blood Helen Clark. What do you think she might have to hide?

Will the Nats take up this case, as they've still failed to take up the Berryman's? Not likely - they will want to protect their former colleague and then-Minister of Contaminated Blood Simon Upton.

My earlier comments on this case are here.

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