Tuesday, 19 April 2005

Butcher Report suppression may be criminal says former Defence Minister

Former Defence Minister Max Bradford has said he wonders if the Army has broken the law by not telling him about the Butcher Report when he was Minister.
"There’s an issue about whether or not there’s a criminality involved in not advising the minister who is responsible," Bradford says.

On Newstalk ZB yesterday Helen Clark said the Army had given the report to the Berrymans’ lawyers, but she did not know when. I comment on that claim here.

In response, Dr Moodie told the Herald last night it was simply not correct to say the Berrymans’ lawyer had ever seen the report, in any form.

"If it had been released, it would have been used," he said.

[UPDATE: Duncan Bayne links to another mirror for Rob Moodie's comments on the Butcher Report here.]

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