Thursday, 21 April 2005

Second Week Stats and General Business

Just finished my second full week in the blogosphere. I'm having a ball, and I hope you are too with what you see here. My special find this week is that I've learned what an RSS feed is, and now I've put one into my Firefox browser I can read every blog in creation in five minutes. I definitely commend one of these babies to your attention.

Now to the stats: The good news is that as of this morning this blog has now received 9,000 hits, the 9,000th being a visitor from Ireland. The bad news is that this visitor only stayed 8 seconds. Perhaps they had a newsreader like me? I can see too that 34% of you have Firefox browsers, and that the top five visitors are from NZ, the US, Canada, Germany, and Australia. Oddly, Guam figures in eighth - is there something I should know?

Thanks this week to all those who've linked to me this week, particularly Stephen Hicks, Chris Sciabarra, Sir Humph, Scribble Me This, good (and not as old as Vivien Leigh) Ruth again, Spotlight and No Right Turn. Right back at you, guys (and do let me know if I've missed you out!) :-)

Following NZ bloggers' mentor DPF, once again I'll list the top ten searches for this site for no other reason than that Dave does, so there must be a good reason. Fortunately there were no hits for "front bums", and a few interesting additions joined several old friends. Let me at this point offer a special welcome to those young ladies who came here seeking nannying work in Scandinavia, and another to those seeking principles in their political opposition - the unfortunate scarcity of these worldwide was enough to propel this blog to a number one ranking for this search. All hits are from Google unless otherwise noted:

1. rob moodie home page berryman (Not on 1st page)
2. berrymans/bridge (6th)
3. adrian chisholm (2nd)
4. bridge collapse timber transoms not sealed (2nd)
5. adrian chisholm sludgegate (1st)
6. bob moodie butcher report (3rd)
7. berryman report (Yahoo Search: 5th)
8. the affects of music on the brain (Yahoo Search: 6th)
9. nannying in norway (1st!)
10. principles of a political opposition (1st)

Rest assured that I'm not resting on laurels here at Not PC, and helful new features are being added all the time - feel free to make suggestions. A poll has been added, a Recent Comments panel to help navigation, and a Favourite Posts list to help you find popular pages. Clearly, the Berrymans' fight for justice continues to attract people here, and I will continue to follow this news as it unravels. I've also amended my blog listings slightly, and I'm happy to hear from Authoritarian bloggers who wish to be raised to Libertarian, or even from 'Good People' who wish to go bad. :-)

That's all the good news. An unwelcome new feature this week has been the arrival of insulting and utterly irrational anonymous posters. Rest assured that I can accept the former, but I won't accept the latter and these posts will be deleted as I see them.

DPF's rules of engagement, given here and here seem reasonable ones, and as long as I retain comments I will be adopting his policies with, however, one addition: I will not be giving the benefit of the doubt to anonymites, particularly to those offering only wilful slander or a slithering farrago of half truths. Such posts will be deleted as soon as I see them, particularly if from anonymites.

Anonymites aside, I've enjoyed my second week. I trust you have too.


(Peter Cresswell)


  1. Great to see info on the berrymans. I have been reading up on this situation and am shocked that tha a Govt dept (NZ Army)would lie (purgery0 to an NZ court to duck from liability.

    I will use your searches to read more.

  2. I'm good but not old. My recent google keywords are interesting:

    Berlin dog, Bhatnagar tsunami, Peter Cresswell, Kofi Annan beauty contest. I believe the last one has some connection to the former ones.

    Get rid of blogger comments. Install haloscan and don't allow anonymous comments. I allowed them for a while but found it emboldened trolls - just makes it that much easier for them to post.

  3. Hi Ruth, I'd mentally given you until lunchtime to reply ... but within the hour! Now that's truly impressive.

    To reward your performance I've removed the irony altogether, as you can see. Perhaps I should also have mentioned your car?

    And clearly the beauty contest refers to me, but I'm a little unclear about the Kofi part. I mean, I'm cheeky, but ... ? And should there be another comma between Bhatnagar and tsunami? The image otherwise is a little disturbing. :-/

    Now, what exactly is Haloscan? Remember, I'm a newbie at all this.

    I've also added Sribble Me This, who I apologise for overlooking, and have added him to my 'Good People' list. :-)

  4. Sorry if I've missed it but where exactly do we post suggestions for articles and future sleuthing?

  5. The problem with anonymites is that come the grand and glorious Libz/Objectivist revolution we won't know whom to punish. In the meantime those who can't be controlled by the great leader will be destroyed and we can't destroy you if we don't know who you are.Come out, come out where you are.

  6. Hi John, you said "where exactly do we post suggestions for articles and future sleuthing?"

    Feel free to post ideas or links I should know about to me at organon at ihug co dot nz. And I'll make sure the Zero Tolerance for Corrution stays up there for a while as a Favourite so that links to the Butcher Report can safely be put there.

    Keep up the good work, John. :-)

  7. ahem, i have linked to you for quite a while now...

  8. Ah, so you have. I shall remedy that forthwith. Or even fifthwith.

    While we're talking, would you care to tell me your political position on the Nolan Chart? You can find it a link at the Libz site,


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