Wednesday, 20 April 2005

Candidate surveys

Libertarianz Hutt South candidate Philip Howison is one of the first to return No Right Turn's candidate survey. These are Philip's answers here. I have to say I agree with Philip on everything except his answer on the question of sitting MPs with which he agrees. Clearly Philip wouldn't support me standing in Epsom. (Vote down there on the sidebar to help me decide.)

Anyway, if there were sitting MPs with which I agreed then we wouldn't need the Libertarianz, would we?


  1. I disagree - while Philip certainly seems to agree with Hide on many issues (as do I), I don't see anything he wrote as suggesting he would oppose a Libertarian candidate contesting Hide's seat.

  2. To stay in Parliament, Rodney Hide needs either ACT to reach the 5% threshold or himself to win Epsom.

    ACT reaching the 5% threshold is too high a price to pay to retain Rodney Hide in Parliament. Having Epsom voters give their electorate vote to Rodney Hide is not.

    Why don't you cut a deal with Rodney? You both agree to tell Epsom voters to give their electorate vote to Hide and their party vote to Libertarianz!

  3. Thanks Peter!
    I actually think you SHOULD stand for Epsom. The more electorates we cover, the more credibility we'll achieve. Rodney Hide believes in most of what we believe in, but if he's in a doomed party it won't make any difference.


  4. Libertarianz always seem to be complaining about ACT. What do you think of the other parties?

  5. Dont vote for a doomed party vote for a dead one! Oh, not I get it. It all makes sense. And that survey, if you don't like the questions will you just delete them?


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