Friday, 15 April 2005

Pressure on for justice for the Berrymans

There is movement on the Berryman front. Thank God. Following Rob Moodie's release on the internet of the Butcher Report which the Army had tried to suppress, there has been a public stampede to download it, to find out the truth, and I trust to put pressure where it's needed to get justice for the Berrymans. And there has been a disgraceful move by the Manawatu Law Society to censure Rob Moodie for his spirited defence of his clients. (Feel free to write them to say what you think of that.)

Even the politicians are getting into the game - belatedly to be sure, but it is happening - putting pressure on for a public inquiry. While that would be something, it's not a public inquiry that Keith and Margaret Berryman need but compensation and their lives back. And soon. This injustice has already taken ten years of their life; any more delay would just be further injustice over something that should have been sorted years ago.

Five years ago Helen Clark stood on the Berryman's bridge with Mark Burton and Harry Duynhoven and promised "when I become Prime Minister, I will ensure the Government will settle the Berrymans for this outrage." Yeah, right Helen. If Helen thought she could simply bury this she is very much mistaken. As Adrian Chisholm said to me last night, "What she didn't count on was a Rob Moodie out there."

Rob Moodie has zero tolerance for corruption; I have zero tolerance for liars - so perhaps I could encourage you while you're writing the Law Society to fax Helen Clark's office and tell her exactly what you think of her forked tongue. Fax: (04) 473 3579, e-mail:

[UPDATE: If you really want to push the boat out with your correspondence you might like a link to an Excel spreadsheet of email addresses for 160 candidates in the coming election, which naturally includes many sitting MPs. Here 'tis.]

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  1. Great stuff m8. Good to see that the ball is rolling.


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