Thursday, 14 April 2005

A big welcome to all 3,000 of you

Welcome, welcome everyone, to the end of my first week of blogging, and an extra special thanks to the three-thousandth visitor (who my StatCounter tells me has just logged on, is from Austin Texas, and uses Firefox). Thank you sir or madam - couldn't you have called in a week ago? ;-)

In fact big thanks to everyone of those three-thousand visitors - I'd like to think your time here has been and will be well spent - and especially to those who have helped make this site possible, particularly Richard at beNZylpiperazine (sorry, I don't know what it means either, but I'm getting better at pronouncing it) who set it all up, Ruth at Freudian Slippers who posted some timely tips on how to run it, and Berlin Bear from The Capital Letter who helps keep me honest (even if he does type like a monkey). And in fact thank you to everyone on my blogroll, all of whom have welcomed me to the blogosphere in a more benevolent manner than I ever expected. Please help me to thank them by clicking on and reading their insights. In a minute.

But first ... let me post the first week's top ten Google searches for this blog, for no other reason than that DPF does it, which surely counts for something doesn't it? (The number in brackets is what rank Not PC is in Google for that term.) As you see, there is a common theme, one not well-covered by either the MSM or by opposition politicians; and I do hope that everyone who logged on and downloaded that report does something with it:

1. bob moodie berryman report (4th)
2. butcher report moodie (11th)
3. george butcher berryman (3rd)
4. statement by dr rob moodie berryman (3rd)
5. berryman bridge bob moodie (5th)
6. bob moodie butcher report (2nd)
7. berrymans bridge nz rob moodie (11th)
8. blog moodie berryman (1st)
9. moodie berryman (3rd)
10. rob moodie (13th)


  1. Sterling effort on your first week!

    I have one big problem with this blog. I agree with too much of what you say. Means I won't be able to have any good arguments with you in the comment threads :(

  2. Well done!

    And thanks for listing me on your roll call. Interested to see I'm pegged as Authoritarian!

    The Political Compass test I did put me deep down the Libertarian line, with an edge over into Right Wing for my economic leanings.

    Some of the questions were pretty weird though!

  3. Well done new Imaginary Boyfriend. BE AFRAID- BE VERY AFRAID.

  4. Thanks for you comments everyone, although I am beginning to look at Imaginary Increased Security around here. I fear escalation. :-)

    Zen, as a matter of course I put everyoen not libertarian down as Authoritarians, but you can work your way out of purgatory if you like? As you say the Political Compass test does have some failry odd questions, and the layout is a somewhat confusing. How about trying the World's Smallest Political Quiz and telling me your score and which quadrant you end up in?

    Perhaps I could start keeping Bloggers' scores on that chart. Perhaps I could add too the politicians' and party supporters' scores I've collected over the years ...

    And thanks Brian. I'll do what I can to get you offside. :-)

  5. It was a small test! It was never 5 minutes just now. I was just getting interested...

    Anyway, LIBERTARIAN!

    (I say that like its a good thing)

    I scored 90% Libertarian on Personal and 80% Libertarian on Economic, putting me in the Libertarian grid, two complete squares away from being Centric

    But put me where you will (it is your site after all) I kind of like the idea of "earning my way" over, as some of my posts may have people wondering where I do stand on things...but perhaps it's all in the bigger picure.


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