Monday, 11 April 2005

Not PC is not postmodern either

Readers of discussions at DPF's blog and at Greg Stephens's on political correctness would benefit greatly from digesting a recent book by Stephen Hicks, Explaining Postmodernism. In it he explains the origins and apparent contradictions of Postmodernism and its bossy buddy Political Correctness.

In my Amazon review of the book I say:
This book should be in every student's backpack. In the post-modern intellectual battleground in which each student find himself submerged - and sometimes drowning - this book offers essential intellectual self-defence for every student who still cares to think. No matter if you already know every answer to all the sundry irrationalities you face every day - herewith is a comprehensive summary of your intellectual enemy that for the first time clearly and comprehensively puts each of the post-modern heroes in their place...

...Buy one for a student today. You might just save their life.
It just might you know.

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