Tuesday, 12 April 2005

No buggers interested in Tariana

Tariana Turia’s claims that she was bugged by the SIS have now been undone, and are confirmed as “a work of fiction” by Justice Paul Neazor.

No surprise. The claims were first aired by Sunday Star Times 'journalist' Anthony Hubbard and Nicky Hager - a gentleman with even more tinfoil in his hat than Ian Wishart - and endorsed by a party leader desperately keen to garner publicity for her new party.

Worked, didn’t it.

Good advice might be to remember this finding next time you read a story written by either Nicky Hager or Anthony Hubbard and as Justice Neazor suggests, just file it under fiction.


  1. I long ago gave up reading the SST for news. I just read it for a laugh these days.

  2. Good call, Andrei.

    Reminds me of the Velvet Underground's song 'All Tomorrows Parties': What can we do with Sunday's rags?

    We have the choice of the beat-up, the the bland or the bumptious - and no news in any of them.


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