Thursday, 28 April 2005

My smoky car is okay. Phew!

The Herald reports this morning that the Government has decided against idle testing of vehicles to check for harmful emissions, saying such testing would have proved more expensive than first thought.

Phew. It's not like WoF tests don't already check for every bloody thing under the sun these days. So perhaps I can now get my car back on the road then?


  1. Actually PC, WoF test don't test for everything under the sun. Like emissions for instance. New Zealand's complete failure to place restrictions on emissions is a disgrace. It would be a simple way to reduce our carbon emissions and, with them, damage to the environment. At present, we are amongst the worst in the world on vehicle emissions. So much for our "clean green image. What a shame Labour has backed down on this.

  2. Haha. You say disgrace, and I say good thing.

    Perhaps it's because we disagree that carbon emissions damage to the environment.

    I expect you'll disagree with me on Bush as well.;^)

  3. Oh look its the nutbag who favours personal attacks over defending its personal beliefs.

    I see you have the typical leftist evangelist belief in humanity 'damaging the environment'. We use and modify our environment for our own wealthfare, only in countries where individuals and families don't control the land do you find substantial destruction of our environment. I note the country you considered us racist for attacking, China (a nation of many ethnicities), is one of the worst polluters around.

  4. "Perhaps it's because we disagree that carbon emissions damage to the environment."

    PC, do you *really* believe that carbon emissions don't damage the environment? If that is the case, then yes we do disagree. I thought the Libertarian stance was more that "yeah carbon emissions damage the environment, but we should have the freedom to damage the environment if we wish". Was I wrong in that assumption?

    "I expect you'll disagree with me on Bush as well.;^)"
    I disagree with some of it and agree with some of it, but to be honest, I can't be arsed commenting on issues like that where posting opposing views only attracts abusive comments like AL's comment above, so I'll be steering clear of that one. Sorry.


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