Tuesday, 19 April 2005

Maori Party want more

The Maori Party are yet another party unhappy with the Electoral Commission's largesse. They call the amount of taxpayer largesse they're getting 'disappointing.' They want more loot from the taxpayer to fund their campaign, just as they want more loot from the taxpayer to fund their 'independence' - although to be fair they seem equable enough about the funding, saying they planned to campaign face-to-face anyway.

Odd though that the word 'disappointing' appears only in the headline of their presser, leading to speculation that Jordan Carter might be writing Tariana's pressers. Or at least giving lessons to those who do.

And the Libertarianz answer questions here as to why they're taking tax dollars for their campaign. "A vote for Libertarianz will be a vote for this system of propaganda funding to be scrapped," they say.


  1. Cummon, when you're on a good thing... ... Maori and their racist party vying for their racist seats are walking on PC water these days – they can do no wrong. They want more for this as well? They might as well ask. They get just about everything else they have asked for lately, so why not ask for this too.

    Billion dollar "university"? no problem. Hundred million for a TV station to promote your racist party? no problem. Separate weightings for health dollars? no problem. Racist schools? no problem. Three quarters of your kids being paid for by taxpayer? No problem. Full and final treaty settlements for up to the third time? no problem. What else can taxpayer do for you?

    You know, this would not irritate so much, except the only response one ever hears is "what has the government ever done for me?"

  2. What I found wrong about the Maori party wanting more is this: They want 15% of the funding because Maori make up 15% of the population. But most Maori are still Labour voters!

  3. Most people don't deserve to be free. I think you are too good for politics PC. Seriously.

  4. Why don't the Libertarianz make a donation of exactly what they recieve in funding from the taxpayer to a charity, thus proving how altruistic a society we would live in if the Libertarianz were in any position of power? Also is there any chance the Libertarianz could pay back my grandads taxes for the free education they recieved from nanny state?


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