Tuesday, 26 April 2005

Eat your Greens - after all, you're paying for them

In their battle for the religionist vote - with environmentalism being the new religion - the Green Party released their party list on Earth Day, which Bob Bidinotto suggests should be a religious holiday. Meanwhile, most of the world ignored Earth Day, as they do the Green Party list.

Not PC suggests you don't ignore the Green Party list however. As a taxpayer, why not peruse the list and see if you can spot anyone on it whose lifestyle and activism you aren't paying for.

And what about the environmentalist arguments behind Earth Day? Not PC agrees with Capitalist Magazine that the earth is mankind's garden:
There is an alternative to the environmentalist argument. It is one that says the Earth is man's garden and that man's mind as fully competent to meet the challenges of living in his garden, whatever those challenges may be. It is an argument that recognizes that the ultimate resource is not oil, coal, caribou or even the energy of the atom. It is an argument that recognizes that the ultimate resource is a free, unfettered human mind.
Message to Green Party: Leave us alone.

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