Wednesday, 27 April 2005

The popular Mr Pistorius, and other stats

Here's my top ten search terms, popular pages and summary of my third week as a blogger. Once again, let me thank everyone who reads this and sends me comments - however acid - for making it the pleasure it is.

The sad news for bloggers around here is that Ruth has given up her blog at Freudian Slippers, which she says has been deleted due to there being too many arsehats. I'm sure I'm not the only one with arsehat problems who can relate, and I'm also sure I'm not the only who misses her acerbic wit.

Also this week, other blogs including mine have been experiencing access problems - I'll continue to explore Haloscan which might, I'm told, help with this problem.

Now for the top ten searches finding this site, (with this site's ranking for that search in brackets): Encouragingly for the Berrymans, this blog is no longer rating so highly for search terms involving their case, indicating a much wider interest in them than in previous weeks. Full credit in particular to Duncan Bayne and John Waterman for being amongst those doing their best to ensure that 'Moodie's 500,000' are getting out there. And I really, truly have no idea what Mr Goldsmith's sign has to do with breasts. I'm sure someone does, however. Perhaps they could tell us. (All are Google searches unless noted otherwise):

1. julian pistorius libertarian (2nd & 3rd)
2. rob moodie (not front page)
3. berrymans butcher report ('Yahoo' search: 5th)
4. berryman moodie (fifth)
5. doctor moodie and berryman bridge (7th)
6. breastfeeding goldsmith's sign
7. kyoto sceptic (6th)
8. antisocial 3yo (10th)
9. dame malvina major ('' search: 2nd)
10. Steven Ching ('My Google' search: 10th)

The top ten popular pages for the week will be appearing soon in the sidebar. A few suprises there too.


  1. Hey Peter I have started elsewhere.
    I'll post that here because I assume not too many of the tinfoil hatted types read you.

  2. Hey, wonderful news Ruth. Tinfoil-hat wearers have never been welcome here. Most of them can't read anyway. :-)

    And is that Judy Garland I see? ;^)

  3. Late to the party, but coming across your blog I had to explain -

    Goldsmith's Sign is when an infant refuses to nurse at a previously accepted breast. It can be an early sign of cancer.

    Goldsmith HS. Milk-rejection sign of breast cancer. Am J Surg 1974;127:280-281


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