Monday, 11 April 2005

Benevolence of bloggers III

I was warned by Ruth at Freudian Slippers when I started blogging just four days ago that I would find NZ political bloggers uncongenial, and today she repeats that advice on her own blog, saying she's "found them to be unfriendly and misogynistic in the main."


The irony for me is twofold. First, she's posted some great tips for bloggers that I've already found helpful. The second is that I take people as I find them, and so far I've only fallen out with one fellow blogger: Ruth at Freudian Slippers! Anyway, I accept your apology Ruth, but I'm disappointed that this here blog of mine is now persona non grata with you - just "someone's blog" as you refer to it.

Ah me. At least she can't complain now that I don't link to her, can she? And what's all this business about DPF and "the Swedish story"?


  1. What a strange thing to say!

    Peter, I hate to say this, but Ruth strikes me as your typical antisocial objectivist libertarian. If she isn't getting any warmth, love and humour, it's because she hardly seems to radiate it herself. Although she did say I was hot once... :oP

    Would it be misogynistic of me to suggest she's just PMSing? :oD

  2. Blar, I'd hate you to say it as well. How dreadfully un-collegial!

    And in answer to your last question, I expect it would be. Lucky you didn't. :-)


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