Friday, 5 June 2020

"Improper Laws Multiply the Chance for Fatal Police Encounters"

Three perceptive observations on American news:

When you multiply laws excessively, says philosopher Greg Salmieri, when you insist that police can stop and arrest people for the most trivial manufactured offences, you multiply by the thousand the chances for fatal police encounters. "What government does is wield force; and force should only be wielded judiciously and when it's appropriate. And it's deadly dangerous to have it in areas [of life] where it doesn't belong."

Full video here:

And the problem of containing government force is compounded when due process is so routinely ignored. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, Iona Italia reminds us
and even if manifestly guilty the job of a policeman is to secure the perp, not to indulge his sadism. Only enough violence should ever be used to protect people if they are directly threatened & to make a safe arrest. Not an iota more. A policeman is not a judge, nor an executioner. It's not up to him to decide who deserves what treatment. It's vital that the police treat everyone in accordance ONLY with what the situation demands.
Don't expect top-down change either, says Liberty Scott
There is no conceivable way that there will be reform of policing in the US without bipartisan leadership to confront everything from qualified immunity to militarisation to legacy racism to criminilisation of micro-economic regulation [i.e., all the petty intrusions Salmieri is talking about]. And that isn’t remotely Trump or Biden.

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