Thursday, 16 May 2019

"Ardern is signing an agreement with an EU leader who is currently shooting protesters in the streets of Paris, and none of us really have any clue how it will impact our personal freedoms..." #QotD

"Ardern is signing an agreement with an EU leader who is currently shooting protesters in the streets of Paris, and none of us really have any clue how it will impact our personal freedoms... No one yet has been able to define #HateSpeech. Not even the frauds our government pay to sit around dreaming up this stuff. Ardern said, You'll know it when you see it.' This is bad bad stuff."
        ~ Dane Giraud

"Do you remember the politicians linking arms at the march, the opeds and cartoons after the Charlie Hebdo attack, fervently declaring commitment to freedom of expression and the right to offend? That seems like a long time ago."
        ~ Juliet Moses

"According to @NZMorningReport, @EmmanuelMacron censored media coverage of his and @JacindaArdern's own summit that people worry is about undue censorship. Bad look."
        ~ Matthew Hooton

"Helen Clark’s proposal for more restrictive speech laws is a solution looking for a problem. Last night, she admitted protecting religion from so-called hate speech wouldn't have prevented Christchurch. Why, then, should we further undermine free speech?"
        ~ David Seymour 
"Instead of arguing for our values and being inspirational about defending free speech while enabling agency for those deprived power and platform, the debate from the Woke Left is all about deplatforming whatever is defined as hate speech and in the age of subjective rage, most of the people on the PM's advisory panel have all vocalised pretty ambitious desires to ban a lot of speech as hate speech.
    "I’m guessing by even suggesting there should be some civil rights activists and free speech academics on this panel  [to 'regulate' social media] I’m already being a heteronormative patriarchal cis-male war criminal?
    "That’s how dementedly tribal this debate is getting.
        ~ Martyn Bradbury 

"Facebook [et al] will, of course, continue to be permitted to earn a profit. In exchange, it will get to censor citizens from saying things the government does not like.
    "Does that sound like freedom to you?"

        ~ Michael Hurd

" intellectual gulag known as political correctness. When any one tries to speak their mind on questions of race or gender, or if their views differ from those approved, they will be ostracised, this is the beginning of the gulag, the beginning of your loss of freedom"

        ~ Vladimir Bukovsky
"... in the transition to statism, every infringement of human rights has begun with the suppression of a given right’s least attractive practitioners.
        ~ Ayn Rand

"If you don’t believe in free speech for people who you hate, fear and disagree with, then you don’t believe in free speech."
        ~ Ricky Gervais

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  1. I notice also that the King of Jordan and the President of Sengal are in on this conference. Jordan already makes a raft of items criminal to critisize, including the King, foreign countries, government officials and institutions, foreign countries, and Islam.

    As for Senegal, they already restrict the internet, especially in relation to commenting on the government.


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