Tuesday, 23 April 2019

'I’m Fed Up with Donald Trump'

Three competing views, below, of the Mueller Report, released Thursday last. To which one do you subscribe:

1. Michael Smith, from his post 'How We Got Here':
"For all the wailing from the many in the chattering classes, there are stark differences between Trump and the supposedly pious who self-elevate themselves to judge him...
"In my opinion, the difference is that Trump’s love of America trumps his lack of tact and personal values, the opposite is true of the Democrats, the NeverTrumpers and the milquetoast, 'go along to get along' Nelson Rockefeller Country Club Republicans (like Mitt) who have stood by as our government devolved...
    "I should sooner live in a society governed by two thousand people who love America as much as Donald Trump than in a society governed by two thousand members of the current Democrat Party."
 2. Trey Givens, from his post 'I’m Fed Up with Donald Trump':
"I’ve tried to avoid letting my personal dislike of [Trump] colour my view of the facts.
    "Until now.
    "And it was the Mueller Report that bought all of this crashing into the fore for me. And it’s why I’m fed up with him and his cronies and even the Republican cowards in Congress who support him.
    "While I can see honest, reasonable disagreement with my conclusion, I am completely convinced that the Mueller Report shows that Donald Trump obstructed justice. The Mueller Report documents Trump instructing people to lie and mislead investigators and the American public. It shows that his Press Secretary, the snide Sarah Huckabee Sanders, repeatedly and unapologetically lied to the American public. And as we reflect on his role in other activities such as Michael Cohen’s illegal payoffs to Stormy Daniels, the Trump Tower project that he also lied about, his comments on the grotesque Billy Bush tape, and the fact that he repeatedly, consistently lies on Twitter and at his campaign rallies, I don’t see how any reasonable person can come to the conclusion that Donald Trump is worthy — as a human being — for the office of the president...
    "Trump lies and he knows he’s lying. And people still back him up even though he’s lying, and they know he’s lying! That’s preposterous to me.
    "So, no, Trump’s lying isn’t news. No one is surprised about it, not even me. I just find myself in a position where I am confronted with what I see as incontrovertible evidence that Trump not only lies to make himself look good to the public, but he lies in such a way that seeks to undermine the rule of law, the integrity of the US government, and the well-being of the American public.
    "Donald Trump is a terrible human being and whatever good policy ideas he may have cannot justify supporting him."
3. And finally, from Jeffrey Tucker:



  1. Tucker is as usual by far the most sensible. The second one immediately shoots himself in the foot by lying like a flatfish in the first sentence, and the first one assumes a:that being governed by 2000 people is good and 2:that we should judge based on intent rather than results. "Loving America" has resulted in pointless trade wars that damage the thing you're claiming you want to protect.

  2. How can one obstruct justice when the supposedly crime never existed? It seems to me that is the typical Stalinist tactics.

    "You show me the man and I'll invent you the crime to frame him" by Beria.

    According to Stalin and Beria, if the innocent man protested his innocent, that would be obstruction of justice.

    Trump's words may be vulgar and he tells white lies, but his policies make people happy (de-regulate, tax cuts, prison reform, etc). I thought that you have one of the "Libertarian Cue Cards" stated : "Words don't hurt you, however government regulations hurt your pocket", which is absolutely true. Trump's white lies and vulgarities don't hurt people's pockets. In fact, his policies make people's pockets get fatter with cash.


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