Thursday, 12 July 2018

QotD: "It's turned worse than that: Trump has resurrected old, failed, long-debunked interventions, and made them popular again. And now these are all part of the package-deal that people are swallowing as capitalism!"

"Before the U.S. election, I was asked to compare Trump to Hillary. Isn't Trump better?
"At the time, I said he will implement a similar socialist disaster to Hillary. Maybe it will be slightly less disastrous (too early to tell). However, the key distinction is that he would do so in the name of capitalism. He would make people hate capitalism. How could people even know that he was implementing socialism, if his most ardent supporters were calling it capitalism?
"It's turned worse than that: he has resurrected old, failed, long-debunked interventions in the economy. And made them popular again. For the sake of America, we're told, the US govt must impose a partial blockade on America!
"And now this is all part of the package-deal that people are swallowing as capitalism!"
~ Keith Weiner

1 comment:

  1. Arrgh yes its terrible, terrible, the people like Trump. How can this happen. Where is the true beauty of capitalism the way we have read and led. We are doomed I tell you. This normalising of Trump is National insanity. He's even knocking the Chinese into shape terrible terrible arrghh


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