Monday, 16 July 2018

QotD: From an Open Letter to Theresa May

"The Remain Establishment to which you have fallen prey fails to grasp - or wilfully ignores - that Brexit represents a constitutional imperative, the compromise of which is not justified by an economic calculation. The Remain coup that you led last Friday is a travesty both in content and conduct. I don’t know if the counter-coup, flagged with the resignations of two Cabinet ministers, two party Vice-Chairmen and a number of others of honour, will succeed. I hope that it does because the fate of our country should not depend on rejection of the scurrilous Chequers proposal only because of further EU intransigence requiring additional concessions, beyond those that you already contemplate, reaching a point that even you cannot stomach what is required to make this dreadful proposal stick. Regardless, if what you propose is implemented, eventually it will be reversed. That means that your principal legacy will be to leave the country in a continuing quagmire of discord over the EU, poisoning both our present and our prospects for as long as what you have done is not undone...
    "My forebears have been part of the efforts to see off Buonoparte ... the Kaiser and Hitler. Some shed blood and were decorated for their courage and resolve... It would dishonour such as they, and betray all the generations, not to take the stand today that is our duty and obligation to support the outcome of the democratic process and defend the freedom of our country."

~ Paul Cuthbert-Brown, former Thatcher Cabinet official & MoD official, former member of Territorial Army and RAFVR, member of the Conservative Party

1 comment:

  1. Excellent. May is as good as a traitor to the UK.
    I see this old codger uses the spelling Buonoparte, giving reference to Napoleon's lesser Corsican heritage.


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