Friday, 22 June 2018

QotD: "If you think that people fleeing Hell should be forced back ... "

"If you think that:-- people fleeing Hell should be forced back-- people fleeing Hell are responsible for thugs taking their kids-- taking their kids is OK because maybe they're not their kids-- they bring their kids to embarrass Trump-- the law is the law, regardless of how unjust-- all laws must be enforced no matter how unjust-- there's no such thing as an unjust law-- Ayn Rand should have been deported-- borders limit, not government power, but moving goods and peoplethen we don't have a difference of politics, but of morality!"~ Keith Weiner


  1. Keith Weiner didn't give us a very good description of hell, but yes on his own site he confirms these kids of truth beauty and goodness are leaving hell, and I suppose if he knows about Gold and Ayn Rand, he would know everything else. Keith doesn't say where in his household all these diverse people will go, but we can be sure if he is gong to foist them on us, he will be opening up his own home. Keith ? Keith? Where are you Keith?.

    1. Yep. It so much easier to feel sorry for people when doing something about their predicament doesn't require you do actually give of your own time and money. "We" should do something really means someone else should do something.



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