Saturday, 23 June 2018

QotD: "The agreement of the Paris COP 21 was not signed to save the planet..."

"The agreement of the Paris COP 21 was not signed to save the planet and to prevent us from roasting due to an imaginary temperature increase of +2°C. Behind all that masquerade is hidden, as always, the ugly face of power, greed, and profit. All the industrialists who are in favour of that commitment, which will ruin Europe and immensely impoverish its citizens, do so for the good reason they find in it a huge and easy source of income. As for NGOs, when they are not simply motivated by greed, their motive consists in a resolutely Malthusian ideology. Their object is to return the world to a very small population, on the order of a few hundred million people. To do so, they impoverish the world, remove the power of fossil fuel energies, and thus ensure that the number of deaths increases."~Professor István Markó, (1956 – 2017), formerly professor and researcher in organic chemistry at the Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium’s largest French-speaking university, from a 2017 interview with French journalist Grégoire Canlorbe

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  1. PC has alerted us to a very clear headed scientist. István Markó.
    His writing and lectures are also very clear.
    Follow PC's link, for a clear picture on reality of the climate fraud.
    Allow some time,you will be reading the no nonsense approach to the evil fiction of the climate industry.
    He would write things like that >> IPCC science has “failed again”.
    He also blasted the COP21 Paris Climate Accord, calling the agreement t “a resounding failure” and “grand illusions” based on “delirium“.
    hahah it is so much fun reading reality in Science, and annoying to know that the entire left wing is made up of despicable totalitarian philistines.

    István Markó died or was disappeared in a simple surgical proscedure
    last year. Brusells is dangerous.


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