Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Quote of the Day: On ‘Generation Snowflake’


"There is a nearly-universal contempt for objectivity and serious thinking. Everything is knee-jerk, whimsical. Belief in something – anything – makes it allegedly a metaphysical ‘fact’ to go to war over, on campuses and in the streets.
    “There is virtually no rational discourse on actual facts of reality. The human mind has been cast aside into a junk heap. Social Justice Warriors of anger and fear are ubiquitous.
    "How is this possible?
    “How is it possible that such an extraordinary instrument at human disposal can not only be neglected but held in contempt?
    "Why would humans not use their minds to understand reality and conquer reality – to be happy and productive? How is it possible to have the most powerful instrument in the known universe and then not use it?
    "It’s because thinking is not easy."

~ David Elmore, from his article ‘I Think … Therefore I’m not a Snowflake


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