Friday, 11 November 2016

Quote of the Day: On not voting



“A refusal to vote represents a definite expression of political opinion — a rejection of the candidates and the programs offered."
~ Ayn Rand



  1. Hmmmm......

  2. To put the election into perspective for the liberals:
    About 50% of the voters are very unhappy with the outcome
    About 50% of the voters are very happy with the outcome
    About 50% of the population didn't vote so they are happy too because they don't care who won
    That means about 75% of Americans are happy.

  3. Not so. Not entirely.
    About 50% of the population didn't vote because they didn't see anything to vote for. That makes them neither happy nor carefree, nor necessarily indifferent.

  4. I heard that the black vote that Clinton wanted never turned up. That block may well be neither happy nor carefree but I suspect that the main reason was lethargy because the supposedly pig ignorant whitey, racist, homophobic, misogynist, Islamophobic, intolerant etc... block did vote. If one block of what the supposedly elite referred to as essentially dumb people can get off their arses why not the other? I suspect the reasons have little to do with politics just like a propensity for gun violence has little to do with guns. One block appears to care while the other does not - I would expect that its not a case, for most non voters, of a reasoned objection to the choices presented.



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