Friday, 11 November 2016

News-directors are lost


Brexit, the Trump election and the Wikileak exposes between them exposed a news media unfit for the task: more vacuous than it has ever been and utterly out of touch with the world it purports to report; its reporters unwilling (or unable) to simply report (or even observe) the bare facts in front of them; its news papers fuller of fodder than they are of news; its 24-hour “news” channels so desperate for 24-hour content the schedules are filled with gossip, gripe and endless talking heads characterised only by their emptiness.

No wonder so many are now running around as clueless as they are heedless.

And what will these “news” boffins fill their screens with now “the election” is over? What then for their empty schedules?

Here’s John Clarke on news in a post-election world:




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