Monday, 10 October 2016

So the Auckland mayoral election winner is … no confidence


This year in the Auckland mayoral election there were more than a dozen candidates, and no-one to choose from – which is why I stayed home. Why would it matter to me which of the power-lusters put my rates up when there’s nothing of any importance to choose between them?

It seems I wasn’t the only one feeling this way, but with only a 35 percent turnout across the greater Auckland electorate.

Which means around 65 percent of people didn’t vote – many, like me, because there was only garbage to vote for. Don’t encourage them, I reason, it only encourages the bastards.

So central government loser, Phil Goff, will this morning be calling himself a winner, but with a vote of just around 17 percent of the electorate who voted against the 65 who didn’t vote at all, it’s clear who the real winner is: the real winner is no confidence.

And, just like in every election, all of us are the loser.


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