Wednesday, 3 August 2016

“Everybody was doing it, so I thought I was supposed to”


Social conformity, it’s a thing.

Conform? Why would you. But you do, don’t you. You do. You bastards.




  1. Something happens (or does not happen) in the childhoods of Patrick McGoohan and liberterians that has us refuse social conformity. I wouldn't even join in the applause at school assembly as a little boy unless I genuinely appreciated what occasioned it. Wasn't that I didn't feel crushing social pressure to do so anyway, I did.

    I think I know what it was that happened. Although we may grow up to find each other as adults the scars of surviving still keep libertarians from joining and getting their act together.

  2. Yeah, about the crushing social pressure to conform; try not standing up in the national anthem or church. It's very hard.


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