Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Economics for Real People: The rhetoric of economics



Sorry folks, I’ve been very tardy this year in advertising the great work the Auckland Uni Economics Group is doing in presenting Economics for Real People. This week however, another highlight: a decorated presenter is talking about the rhetoric of economics.

What’s the “rhetoric of economics”? It’s the way for example that mainstream economists talk about human exchange, says presenter Claire Dale, “as a matter of competition and scarcity, and by most exchange theorists as a matter of reciprocity and equivalence. In such definitions, there is no excess in exchange; there are no gifts; the economy is closed, restricted.”

Yet in all voluntary exchanges there is not equivalence but two winners. And in the four alternative authors Claire Dale explores, “their discourses of exchange involve excess, complexity, and collaboration. Their texts contribute to a conversation that constructs an excess economy.”

Join the Econ Group and Claire Dale for what should be a fascinating evening.

        Date: Thursday, August 4

        Time: 6-7pm

        Location: Case Room 2, Level 0, Business School, cnr of Park St & Grafton Rd
                       (NB: plenty of easy parking in the basement)

All welcome. We look forward to seeing you there!

PS: Keep up to date with the Auckland Uni Economics Group on their 2016 Facebook Page


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