Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Quote of the Day: House prices must fall–Brash


“Don Brash says house prices in Auckland have to fall if they are to get back to affordable levels but politicians of both the left and right are terrified of saying so. ‘I cannot see how indefinitely we can continue in cloud cuckoo land. That’s where we are now.’…
    “Brash said Little [and Key are] ‘obviously terrified’ of saying house prices needed to fall. ‘But that is the reality.’"

~ Don Brash reported in The Herald: ‘Prices have to fall, but politicians won't say it


1 comment:

  1. When I am King, and this should not be too far away now, I will appoint Peter Cresswell and Don Brash to supervise the housing and property market. If they want to rescind the RMA, it will be gone before the maid calls me for my morning swim.


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