Wednesday, 29 June 2016

“You’re not laughing now” - Farage


NB: No, this blog does not endorse everything he says. But he’s entitled to gloat just for a few minutes. And they’re entitled to be heckled, and to heckle back themselves.





  1. Yet again a show of arrogance from unelected Juncker. "Why are you here" Really? Because right now the UK still is in the EU dumbass. I can't believe that the remain voters want another go. Another vote would be the dumbest thing ever. Look how aggressive the EU reacted to the leave vote. Let's entertain the idea of a second vote and the UK ends up to remain. There be hell to pay and the UK would be left with an even worse deal. UK will be just fine without Europe. New Zealand in a remote corner of the Pacific can go it alone, so can the UK. The UK needs to prove itself and tear down the EU from the outside.

  2. Its not often you can look at a room full of people and know that it they all got swallowed up in a sink hole no one would notice they were gone apart from family and mistresses.



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