Monday, 20 June 2016

From what exactly would Britain be Brexiting?


Britons voting in the referendum to leave the EU should be reminded that leaving the EU does not mean leaving Europe –which will remain in the same geographic location it’s always been -- nor even that Britain will or needs to leave men of the existing European political insitutions that other European nations either do or do not belong to.

For instance, Britain is already outside both the monetary union and Schengen agreement on free travel (making the Brexit vote nothing at all about immigration), while countries both inside and outside the EU are outside and inside both.

It’s a complicated old arrangement.


[Source: The UK in Europe: a visual guide to Brexit | Hat tip Jim Rose.]



  1. The excellent diagram here shows what a monster the EU is. It is too late for Britain to curtail Immigration. Should have started in the 1960's. Already you can't go on the side of a bus wearing a short skirt. Goodbye London. Goodbye David Cameron... Sweden now in a panic, also too late...Its not too late for us though. No Islam.

    1. If the British Gov't enforced its laws of the land to everyone regardless, rather than pandering to minorities, the situation may be somewhat different. It is not to late for Britain and exitting the EU is a good start.Britain was once a great nation and can be again.Sharia law can only come in if weak gutless politicians allow it.

  2. Paul, the EU assuredly is a monster, but that is not what the diagram shows. Nor is the the vote about staying in the EU anything to do with immigration or sharia law -- as the diagram does help to show. It is more to do with being heavily shackled while being made to pay for Greek olive groves and empty Irish sheep farms.


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