Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Trump: The first ‘post-knowledge’ candidate


As Donald Trump gains more delegates in today’s vote, several friends have been posting Steve Riker’s comment on The Donald, which perfectly complements what I posted this morning:

Donald Trump has positioned himself as the post-knowledge candidate. Virtually every stance he takes is the polar opposite of what he claimed last year, last week, or even ten minutes ago.
Many electrons have been killed, trying to point this out to Trump fans. Literally thousands of articles have been written, pointing out that Trump is not what he claims to be, that he's not a conservative, that he's not honest, that he's not consistent, and so on. Over and over, we see people who are Second Amendment supporters, pro-life advocates, Christian evangelicals, or anti-establishment activists support Trump, knowing full well he is absolutely none of those things.
The emperor has no clothes. We all get it. The trick now, is to convince his rabidly loyal fans to care and to value their values. Will it matter to them that Trump plans to govern with an entirely different set of values than he campaigned on - exactly the way Barack Obama did? Will it matter to them that their life-long values are not Donald Trump's?
As Mark Twain may have said, "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
I pray that the people of America will have the scales removed from their eyes and will turn from simple celebrity worship to choose our leaders based upon a candidate's' track record, integrity, and wisdom.



  1. Does Steve Ricker refer to the Clintons / when he says "choose our leaders based upon ..track record, integrity, and wisdom". More words meaningless falling off the page.

  2. Does this mean the Trumpenfuhrer isn't a white racist and bigot? Is this the position now? Thus all other Trump posts a waste of time. Asking for a friend.

    He promised to sort out illegal immigration by building a wall. Israel style. No one else has promised this so until he doesn't build a wall he gets a lot of single issue support.

    1. It takes some genius to see this as a repudiation of anything else written here.

  3. Perhaps that's the critical thing: Americans KNOW Trump is a villain, but they're so disillusioned with the course their country has taken over the past twenty years that they are taking this opportunity to destroy the Republican Party.


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