Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Random links


Quote of the Day: "Cuba, not Scandinavia, is the ideal inequality alarmists aspire to." ~ Don Watkins

Why you shouldn't fear trade with China.

Why so many millennials are socialists.

Trump is completely wrong about the trade deficit.

The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) puts 65,000 works of modern art online.

The cult of moral greyness.

A profoundly stupid idea.

Labour's $40 billion policy.



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  1. Imagine being born 12,000 years ago. our father says to you. "Look I am sorry about this, but you are going to be cold all your life. You have to stay here by the sea shore with these Neanderthal types and eat frozen sea things off the rocks, and so will your sons and their daughters, It will be quite a few thousand years before things come right, and then some mad idiots will tell your future offspring that they all need to come back here to the dark cold ages. It doesn’t look good. I am sorry about this, and I wish the bloody sun would come out"


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