Thursday, 11 February 2016

Quote of the Day: “…please explain this to Donald Trump”

“The opposite of excessive political correctness is not boorishness.
Can someone please explain this to Donald Trump?”

~ novelist Vinay Kolhatkar


  1. "Nobody likes a crybaby" - please explain this to the 'Establishment' hahahaha!

  2. the ONLY BOOR is Ms faggot cress well

    You really are a total LOSER cress well and just OLD ......and a LOSER. crybaby...

  3. 'The opposite of excessive political correctness is not boorishness'
    PC people are ashamed to speak the truth. The difference between non PC and boorishness is the difference between someone who feels shame only when he does or says something wrong (non PC) and someone who feels no shame at all (boorishness).
    Excessive political correctness and boorishness are both manifestations of dishonesty and to that extent are cut from the same cloth (just like the two sides of altruism). They will lead to the same authoritarianism in practice.


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