Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Jones pays homage to Gareth Morgan’s greatness



The various books of Bob Jones’s Letters are hilarious.

Bob Jones just wrote a letter to Wellington mayour Celia Wade-Brown suggesting that the great Gareth Morgan be recognised inteh appropriate way, for which Bob is prepared in regonition of Morgan’s magnificence to replace his 15-storey tower on The Terrace with a 5000m high statue of the great man standing atop a temple “accommodating up to 8,000 Morganist pilgrims at a time.” Barely enough, I would have thought, for all those wishing to worship at the world-leader’s feet.



Surprisingly, Captain Morgan was less than effusive in response to the magnanimous offer.

[Hat tip Megan Denize and the ‎Sir Robert (Bob) Jones Appreciation Society]

1 comment:

  1. Jones has applied for a waver rather than a Waiver. Probably a misspell but too funny // the glorious one has waving arms outstretched to the peoples. The pathological Morgan personality is fascinating in its obsession for constant publicity seeking.


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