Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Donald Trump is a total loser

Hoist by his own petard . . .


Meanwhile, “Donald Trump fans reacted to the news that their candidate was a total loser Monday by coming up with a nefarious plot to rob him of the presidency, summarized in the hashtag #MicrosoftRubioFraud.” Read about it if conspiratorial excuses for losing are your thing…

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz won in a state that is awash with corn subsidies for biofuels—and he won after a video went viral of Cruz denouncing those subsidies to a local farmer, and turning him from angry antagonist to reluctant supporter.

Whatever else you think of him, that the winner in a subsidy-ridden state was someone willing to denounce them, and to rationally explain why, is to my way of thinking very encouraging.

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  1. WE will never forget how YOUR True nature and philosophy has emerged by attacking TRUMP !!!


    YOU are NO Libertarian tat is for sure, and many many have awoken to your LIES and REAL nature


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