Thursday, 18 February 2016

Brazier: New album!


Here’s something you need to get behind: A Pre-Sales Campaign to release the last Graham Brazier album 'Left Turn at Midnght.'

Graham was working on the album in the two years before he died, and his contribution is virtually complete. His friends have got together a crowd-funding campaign at Indiegogo – the sort of thing you can do in the Age of the Internet – to have the album professionally completed, with your perk for being involved either a download, a CD copy of the new album, right up to an exclusive listening evening on the night of its release. Here’s the tale:

Graham Brazier is one of New Zealand greatest music legends. Graham passed away on the 4th of September 2015. He was loved songwriter and poet and one of New Zealand's most recognised voices. Most will remember him as the enigmatic front man of  legendary band 'Hello Sailor'. 
For the two years previous to his passing, Graham had been coming into Uptown Studios weekly with producer Alan Jansson. Little did we know, they were working on what would become Graham's final legacy to New Zealand Music.
Only a couple of weeks before Graham's passing, he had completed laying  the tracks. 
We now aim to finish & release his final album. 
Graham Brazier  -
Left Turn at Midnight.
Those who have heard  songs on the  the album in progress,  feel it is Graham's best work. They are all fantastic new songs.

Listen to an interview here about the album with producer Alan Jansson (co-writer of international hit How Bizarre, so he does know what he’s doing).

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