Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Quote of the Day: Fripp on Bowie [updated]

During the interviewing for the BBC's 'David Bowie: Five Years' (2013) a question was asked of Robert Fripp (above left, with Bowie and Eno in Berlin’s Hansa studios—just under the Wall—creating the guitar part for 'Heroes'):

        Q: Why was Bowie so influential?

       A: He spoke on behalf of what is highest in all of us.


  1. Just as well he decided to stick it out until the natural(ish) end. The fans could have missed out on a last great album. Who knows what we have to offer others, even at the very end.


  2. Just got home from walking the dogs to a heavily cranked-up Bowie with my 17 year-old daughter loudly singing along to Life on Mars every lyric down pat (her ipod plugged into parents sound system). His longevity of relevance is extraordinary, though not unique. What particularly stands out with Bowie though is the variety of genre he produced in. Or even created.

  3. The world is a less colorful world with out David Bowie in it. R I P David Bowie.

  4. He could never be compared to anyone else. Very few people in history can claim that legacy. A few appear on this site -- ground breakers like Rand FLW Montessori.


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